MO goes way, way back in San Antonio, Texas as an 11th generation, direct descendant of one of the sixteen families from the Canary Islands that founded good ole SA. My great, x10, grandad was the 2nd mayor of San Antonio  where I was born and raised.

Born to Ginger and Jack, who were both artists so art is obviously in the bloodline...mixed with a heaping helping of Spanish feistiness from Ginger's side and Welsh craziness from dad's.  The late Jack Fletcher was a brilliant artist and his art was considered to be "before his time" ...whatever that means.

Forever etched in my mind is the smell of oil paint and turpentine, mixed with the smoke of cherry pipe tobacco which followed him in and out of my life. Remembering the sound of jazz streaming through the air while he worked, fueled my desire to paint from a very early age. Us 3 girls would dance to "Hells Bells" by Amad Jamal, and David Carroll's, BaliHi.  The late Jack Fletcher was pretty darn good...and menacingly bad.

Ginger was a fabulous fashion illustrator in SA while raising her girls alone after Jack was told to hit the road.  She is still amazing and active today and in her 90s!  Organizer and president emeritus of  Network Power/Texas, with the mission, “Women Helping Women to Succeed," Ginger,  The Firelighter" also authored a book and can still spin a heck of a story that will definitely light your fire!

Working for a few small ad agencies and dabbling in freelance while growing a graphic design business I moved right to the top of the "food chain" and landed a position with a local grocery comapny drawing things like tomatoes, meat, and ice chests.  Although grocery store items were what I drew, the daily discipline of producing all that art was what I really appreciated and needed.

After winning a few design awards through freelance I was "noticed" by the powers that be up the food chain and was promoted to art director of package design.  Soon though, I was fed up with corporate grocery.  After 7 years and with a portfolio stuffed full of healthy fruits and veggies I pushed away from the corporate table.  Pack with photo shoots of pancakes and turkeys and all that artwork under my belt served up as eye candy.... and with a big helping of package design tossed in MODstudio was born.

MODstudio worked with some great local advertising agencies and businesses in San Antonio and the Texas Hill Country.  We grew into a downtown office and for 20 years MODstudio was merry until Mary missed the painting.  Oh, I painted here and there and never turned down a commission.... but then life happened.

The timing to close-up shop was perfect because late in life Mary and Carl  were surprised and blessed with another child. Matthew Raymond Owens who changed everything.  Expecting a child with Down Syndrome wasn't in the plan, but God's plan is better... not easy... but always better.  More on Matt can be found on MoArt blog, coming soon. Or read more on this site, right here.

The Owens family moved to Wimberley, Texas in 2001 to raise our 3 children in a small town where at the time there was just one traffic light and an interesting mix of retired hippies and eclectic cowboys as part of the scenery.... along with lots of deer, beer, buzzards, cacti... and a huge Texas sky! 

The Owens Family loves living in small town Texas.