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The influences of bold colors and island dwellings in a Gauguin and a fascination with the  oddities in a Picasso have always delighted me. The feel and texture of paint and the joy in painting have always called...

Often, I would incorporate abstract art pieces within my graphic design projects for clients. The above piece is a  24" x 15" scratchboard for the organization, "Women in Communicatons", done back in the early 90s call, "Say What?"

While fine art has been my call family has always come first, and that is where time has flown.  However, with retirement on the horizon...HA!...and art in my blood, the dusty files of ideas stored away for years should produce an interesting series of work...

Art... from the beginning to the final frontier.

Deadline for custom gift orders is Dec. 5th. 
Shipping deadline in time for Christmas is Dec. 15th.